Past – “The orders of helping” Evening seminar

This is an evening seminar I want to provide for all of you who are in a helping profession and are interested in a (potentially) new perspective on their work and helping in general.

Time: 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Cost: 15 EUR

Book your space here Book your place - May 4th 2018

There are various forms of helping professions: social workers, counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, coaches, facilitators, consultants and others.

Seen systemically, helping can strengthen, but it can also weaken – both the helper and the one who seeks help. Sometimes the helper could feel as if the destiny of the other person is depending only on them. Helpers could get frustrated or doubt their abilities if there is no progress. Helpers can end up in exhaustion and burn-out and the profession that once was a dream they aspired to can become a burden.

Resistance from the people seeking help could subvert the helpers heartfelt intention to help, and could entangle them in the client’s system and/or reactivate unprocessed issues from the own family of origin.

This is an evening of exploring our own concepts of helping and posture toward clients and people we work with. We will do this on basis of the 5 “Orders of Helping” defined by Bert Hellinger in accordance with the “Orders of Love”.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

If you want to join, please register here Book your place - May 4th 2018

Looking forward to seeing you, Ursula