Past – Workshop “Mothers and daughters”

The relationship between a woman and her mother is so powerful, it affects everything from her health and self-esteem to all her other relationships. Through our relationship with our mother we learn about trust, about separation and connection, about putting another’s needs ahead of our own, and about who we are as individuals – and our daughters experience the same with us.

Maybe this is the reason why for so many of us women this relationship can be pretty challenging.

This workshop gives you the opportunity to examine the nature of your particular mother/daughter relationship. There are so many triggers and you keep on pushing the buttons. What if you were able to change perspective and stop perpetuating what doesn’t work? What if you were able to respond differently?

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As a daughter e might have experienced or still experience our mother as overpowering, dismissive, bossy, indifferent, overcharging, judgemental, critical or overprotecting, too close, not respecting our boundaries. No matter what – we all are a daughter of our mother and this means in everyone of us there is still this little child that longs to be loved and accepted as it is, that needs to feel safe and secure. And if we do not get what we need we are wounded – and from this wound come a series of issues in our own personal lives.

As a mother we might experience our daughter judgemental and critical. We might feel that we no longer reach her, that every conversation turns out into something that hurts and makes us feel uneasy. We might ask ourselves what we have done wrong. And on this basis we act and react in our daily interactions – hurting each other without wanting it.

So if you feel addressed and touched by these words, this workshop could be the starting point of healing the wounds by learning to see the mother-daughter relationship through different eyes, by understanding what’s going on between the both of you, by understanding the way our mother impacts our beliefs, our health and just the way we choose to live or how we react with our daughters based on our own experiences.

This workshop is a place where you can openly talk about your feelings in a safe space.

You are invited to embark with us on an adventure of self-awareness and healing through

– interactive communication exercises

– inspirational writing

– guided meditation

– movement

– constellation and breathing work

It is a workshop only for women, because the relationship mother/daughter is a special one


Dates:  Saturday 28.1.2017 – Sunday 29.1.2017 (2 days workshop!)

Time: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Place: Triq Il-Falkun, Il-Kappara, San Gwann

Workshop fee: 120,00 EUR (deposit required)

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