Past – Everything you ever wanted to know about Family Constellations

This is a free event for everyone who would like to know more about Family Constellations and the Orders of Love.

Time: 19:00 – 22:00

Place: Il-Kappara (directions will be sent after registration)

Spaces are limited so please register if you want to join.  Book your place - 27.04.2018

Ursula has a profound training in Family Constellations and systemic medial counselling and is working with constellations since more than 5 years. She offers her service in Malta since 2016 and has facilitated more than 100 constellations in these past 2 years on the rock with an overall number of more than 400 participants in her workshops.

Testimonials can be found here 

Ursula will do her best to answer the following questions or any other question you might have about this topic.
– What are Family Constellations?
– What are the orders of love?
– What is a genogram?
– What happens in a constellation?
– Is a constellation a therapy?
– How and why and when do Family Constellations work?
– What should you consider if you are interested in participating in a constellation workshop?
– What are the effects, consequences, outcomes of participating in a constellation?
– What role do representatives play and why should someone choose to participate as a representative?
– What can I constellate i.e. work on in a constellation?
– Can constellations be manipulated or dangerous?
– Is there any religious or spiritual orientation behind the constellation approach?
You might have more or different questions, so after explaining the basics Ursula is open to whatever comes up.
If time allows we might have a demonstration of a constellation.
Water, tea, and biscuits will be available.

Participation is free but needs booking Book your place - 27.04.2018