My life


My life started on a cold and snowy January morning in the year 1960 in a small village in the South of Germany. After a secure and protected childhood I went through ups and downs as I think most of us did.

During my years of study I lived in Italy for some years where I graduated in Languages at the University. Back in Germany due to my language skills I found interesting job opportunities that helped me to improve my business but also my human skills.

For one thing in my life I had to wait quite a while. But it was really worth it. 

I met my husband at the age of 39 and had our daughter at the age of 41 – and still they are the most important people in my life.

Our journey took us to various countries. Due to job related reasons we moved from Germany to Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and Malta.

Various conversations with people in Malta showed me that there was a big interest in family constellations – so, based on my training and qualification, I decided to offer family constellations in Malta, as I already did in Austria.

In 2018 we moved to Exeter, UK where I am now working as counsellor, supervisor and constellations facilitator.

I am still offering my service in Malta – traveling to this beautiful island every 3 months. I have facilitated more than 200 constellations with hundreds of participants of different backgrounds and nationalities.

How I came across Family Constellations

For many years I was searching for something to complement the very human but rather intellectual basis of Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy.

Some years ago something happened in my family of origin that I never had expected to happen. It was very painful and left deep wounds in my soul.

Speaking about it with a friend of mine she connected me to a Family Constellation facilitator and – as chance would have it – he offered a constellation weekend covering my issue just a couple of weeks later.

I had heard about this kind of energy work before, but was rather sceptical and could not imagine at all how it should work. Well, the weekend arrived and I had a first-hand experience of the healing power of a family constellation.


But that was not the end – already after the first day I knew that I had found what I had been looking for. And again I was lucky! Right in that month the facilitator started a new training course and there was one place left – just if it had been waiting for me.

After a profound training with my highly gifted teacher and a group of wonderful people I integrated the family constellation work in my counselling.

And my family issue? Well, it took it’s time, but at the end the anger made way for understanding, the battle made room for peace and pain was transformed in love and compassion.