Areas of application

Personal issues

The field of Systemic Constellations has numerous areas of application – and a Family Constellation is just one of it.

As any human being is a system made up of body, organs, emotions, feelings, ideas, beliefs and values – and is in itself again a part of other systems (circle of friends, working team, school class, company hierarchy, community etc.) – Systemic Constellations can be used in many areas.

• Personal development and transformation
• Harmonizing relationships in the family and friendship circle
• Understanding the origin of health problems
• Discovering our own resources
• Support in achieving our goals
• Overcoming limiting behaviours
• Wishing for a fulfilled relationship
• Wishing to free yourself from family entanglements
• Support for people faced with important decisions
• Support in overcoming internal or external conflicts
• Support in conflicts and fateful events in relationships and the family
• Helping parents who separate to find the right place for their children
• Helping people that keep experiencing themselves as outsiders or being mobbed
• Understanding the origin of not “allowing” ourselves to be happy and successful
• Discovering the impact that historical events have had on the family (e.g. war)

Business issues


Also a company is a well-defined system with its physical, technical and cultural features. It has its own identity, mission, history and organization with hierarchies, responsibilities, rights and duties. It is made up of the people who work for it, with different roles, performing a variety of tasks. For this reason constellations can be held for business issues, too.

Human resources (examples):
• Team building processes
• Support in resolving conflicts within a working team, business team, business partners
• Support in aligning team members to a common purpose or working approach
• Evaluating the best fit candidate to hire or include in an existing team
• Supporting tool for therapists in a supervision process unveiling reasons for blockages or situations of being stuck
• Searching for professional success
• Prevent or dealing with problems before or after a structural changes in the company
• Understanding employees’ loss of motivation
• Support in finding the reasons for cases of mobbing or constant diseases
Abstract elements (examples):
• Support in the starting off process of new projects
• Implementing new brands
• Development of new markets


Basically a constellation can embrace nearly all kinds of aspects. Here you find some more examples:

Problem constellation: includes the aspects of the problem itself and others i.e. blockage, goal, resources, benefit of the problem, future actions


Tetralemma constellation: aims to resolve a dilemma or situations where decision making seems impossible and includes all aspects of the two options
Body structure constellations: can support medical treatments and include parts of the body, organs, medical treatments, external influences. They help to understand better backgrounds and relations. Be aware that they cannot substitute medical treatment!