“PAST” – 2.4.2016 – Constellation Day “Being Yourself”


Dear all,

Thank you so much for your interest in the constellation work and for signing up to this newsletter.

Around 20 people attended the first “Evening Talk” on 18/02/2016 and from the feedback I received all of them had enjoyed the evening and went home with a lot of new insights and new thoughts. Thank you all for your appreciating personal responses.


Now I am happy to announce the date of the first Constellation Workshop:

“Being Yourself”


Saturday, 2. April 2016


9:00 am until approx. 3:00 pm


Place: Nosso Lar – Community & Holistic Centre in Zebugg


Being ourselves is possible only by discerning what really belongs to us from what we unconscioulsy carry for others and then giving it back to the rightful owner with love and acknowledgement. This is what happens in a constellation.


Family Constellations reveal the hidden dynamics and family loyalties that keep us rooted in problematic patterns. Unresolved issues from past generations can be brought to light. As long as they remain buried in the pain or silence that surrounds them, issues and feelings that don’t belong to us can reappear in our lives—and we will think they’re ours.


We all know that


There a three possibilities to join us on that day:


1) If there is an issue you would like to heal and look at from a totally new perspective without telling others about it, you can do your own constellation in a safe space (max.number of 4)

2) You can join the group of representatives to support the ones doing their own constellations

3) There is also space for 2-3 people who would like to attend only as spectators


Bookings will be made on a first come first served basis and places are limited.  

To avoid confusion no bookings can be made by simply pushing the Facebook button.  


So if you want to join for

1) Own constellation
2) Being a representative
3) Joining as a spectator

you can book your place here

The fees for the workshop are as follows:

Own constellation: 65 EUR (Deposit required: 50 EUR)
Being present as a representative or spectator : 15 EUR

There will be breaks between the single constellations where you have time to drink, eat and refresh yourself. Since this workshop is a group experience where we all share our presence, awareness and acknowledgement of what is, you are invited to bring along some water, food or fruit to share with the other participants.

Please bring also warm socks or slippers and if you want you can bring along your own blanket or cushion.

I am looking forward to share this healing experience with you

Love & Light
Ursula ❤


PS:  Please take note of the following constellation dates: May 14th, June 25th, July 30th, September 17th, October 29th, December 10th – more information will follow

PPS: There will also be a second “Evening Talk about Family Constellations” for the people who could not attend the first one.  The scheduled date is Sunday, March 20th – more information will follow soon