Finally in peace with my parents – workshop

This is what participants said after the “Finally in peace with my parents” workshop:

(For reasons of privacy only the intials of the testimonials are mentioned)


“Thank you for sharing your special gift with us. I haven ‘t felt so light in ages. And thank you for all the additional information. This is what I’ve learnt: The order of love is paramount *** If you can’t forgive its ok,replace this with acceptance *** Sometimes what you dislike in another is a reflection of what you dislike in yourself *** Everyone has a story, respect that even, if you don’t understand it. Thank you.”

(“DM” – Workshop “Finally in Peace with my parents” / May 6/7 2017)


I wanted to thank you for the two wonderful days, a beautiful workshop, a beautiful group. I really perceived the greatness of the universe inside that small room and it was beautiful. Thank you.” 

(“RM” – Workshop “Finally in Peace with my parents” / May 6/7 2017)