Happy Easter 2018

Easter is around the corner and however you celebrate it, in the Christian or the ancient pagan way – it is always about death and rebirth, about going into the underworld, being transformed and rise renewed. It is about the new life of spring after a period of withdrawal and apparent stagnation which we do have in many countries during winter.

And with this Easter is a symbol for our life and it reminds us that life is never just spring or winter, but it a constant change from one season to the other. Death and rebirth are part of our life. Sometimes death makes us despair and lose ground totally, sometimes there are little and insignificant “deaths” and we may not be even aware of them. Everything we have to let go of is a little like dying ourselves. Sometimes it is easy to let go and sometimes it is hard and nearly seems impossible. And we fight against it and we do not want to let go and we try everything to hold on to an old story, a person we lost, an outworn pattern, our youth, our health etc. And the more we fight, the more we suffer – most of the time.

So Easter, as symbol of death and resurrection, has a message for all of us. If we let go, if we “surrender”, if we consent to the loss or death of something or someone, if we accept the inevitable – we are able to walk through a gate that leads us to a new beginning, to a rebirth and to resurrection.

This is what I am allowed to witness with many of my clients. The moment of consent and agreement is the crucial moment of the beginning of a new life. And though I do my work for several years now, I am still amazed how little it takes for many people to get there.

So may this Easter remind all of you that death (in all its different forms and faces) is never the end but the beginning of something new, something that we can co-create, something that depends on our own willingness to “respond to life’s questions”, as Victor E. Frankl would say.

In this spirit I am wishing all of you a Happy Easter!

Ursula Maria Bell