How does a constellation work?

The entire universe is a network of interconnecting energy frequen- cies. When people interact, energy frequencies are emitted that can be felt, seen and even heard. These frequencies create energy fields that contain consciousness. In a constellation we tune in to such a field similar to selecting a special frequency when we want to listen to a certain radio station.

The contemporary biologist, researcher and philosopher Rupert Sheldrake describes the idea of a morphic field, also referred to as a morphogenetic field. He observes that these morphic fields are organizing and evolving fields that create patterns, have a built in memory bank, and also influence behaviour and create habit. A series of fields can exist within other fields and they connect one another. Therefore we are not only influenced by DNA, but also shaped by both morphic resonance and morphic fields. For who might wish to get a deeper insight, please go to Rupert Sheldrake

In family systems, we feel our sense of belonging through this morphic field. Its resonance tells us who we are; it links us. We respond to it without words, without being taught how. Sheldrake describes a “social bond” as part of a social field that can deeply influence and affect an organism’s way of being in the world. As constellation facilitators, we call this morphic field the “Family Energy Field”.

We begin to notice this “Family Energy Field” immediately as a constellation gets started. The client chooses representatives for him/herself, for members of his/her family (dead or alive) and/or aspects that are part of the issue and with intuition puts them gently in a position  – wherever he/she feels it may be the right one. Already in this moment in most of the cases we can notice how the “Family Energy Field” emerges manifesting itself through the interaction and the interplay of the energies. The task of a representative is not to perform a play (so a constellation has nothing to do with psychodrama) but to simply allow the energy to act, feel, sense and sometimes speak through him/her. This energy work happens mainly on an unconscious level beyond the scope of the rational or conscious mind.

Those who represent persons or aspects begin to feel emotions, fears, desires or body sensations which manifest due to their position in the room and in regard to the other representatives around them. By working with energetic and intuitive awareness, the facilitator tunes into the “Knowing Field” and guides the constellation work to the end that gently step by step all involved may find a space they feel comfortable in. The facilitator respectfully follows the energy of the representatives in the constellation to see where movement or action is needed.

Through this process we can experience subconscious, often tragic, family ties and discover the dynamic that caused the participant’s issue. We enter into connection with our ancestors through the energetic ‘Knowing Field.’ The whole group can witness how the energy works and how i.e. entanglements, curses, oaths, bonds, resistance and tragic loyalties are gently unveiled. This results in a new perspective which has a healing effect on all involved.

In most of the cases balance, harmony and movement toward peace can be reached, however there are as well constellations ending in an unresolved state. In these cases we have to see the situation how it is and simply accept, because there is no manipulation in a true constellation work.

Towards the end the client may then “step into the picture” taking over his/her own position from the representative. In this way he/she can feel deeply the healing energy and internalize the “solution image”.

After the workshop the healing process continues. Sometimes this process is slower than we expected, sometimes faster than we can imagine.

Constellations can be realized in two ways:

Facilitator-directed constellation

During these constellations the facilitator will ask the representatives what they are feeling and will enter into the field and give his/her support in facilitating the movements or suggesting healing sentences in order to find the right place for every person or aspect involved.

“Movements of the Soul”

These are constellations with a minimal setup and without any (or minimalized) direction from the facilitator and mostly done without words. This kind of constellations is mostly done with more experienced representatives. These constellations often remain open, because it is enough if it becomes clear where they are leading to. We can trust that what has been set into motion will continue in the souls of those concerned.