My training

In 2001, among other qualifications, I finished my studies in Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy, which is based on the premise that the human person is motivated by a “will to meaning,” an inner pull to find a meaning in life. In essence, all humans are unique with an entity of body, mind and spirit. We all go through unique situations and are constantly looking to find meaning which cannot be given or invented but only can be found in a unique personal way.

At that time still working in the field of human resources I had a lot of possibilities to use my logotherapeutic knowledge in staff appraisal and performance reviews, in handling conflictual situations between staff members or managers and staff as well as in my private social environment.

After our move to Austria in 2010 and a profound training in Family Constellations I received the recognition of my studies and the permit to work as a “Life and social counsellor”. Until our move to Malta in July 2015 I worked as a counsellor with the Caritas Austria as well as in private practice and with family constellations.

I am offering my service in Malta since March 2016 and have facilitated more than 200 constellations with an overall number of more than 400 participants of many different nationalities and backgrounds.

I practice in a strong intuitive way with the roots grounded in Logotherapy’s deep humanity and guided by the gentle respect and acknowledgement which I keep experiencing through the constellation work. A large part belongs to just listen – especially to what is beyond the words I hear.

It is not my job to tell others what they should do, but rather go on a journey together and on the way discover new perspectives through asking questions and opening windows. Every human being is different – so I cannot put the same approach on everyone.

That is why I love the constellation work where we have to step back and listen, where we have to empty ourselves and watch and sense what wishes to be seen and healed. And that is why I love Logotherapy, because it always reminds me of the uniqueness of every human being.

I work with the connection between the head and the heart, the brain and the soul and witnessing the positive changes and transformations in my clients is the best recompense I can get. I personally believe that the constellation work is one of the big peace building methods we have in our times and that we are still not aware of its whole potential.


In July 2018 my family and I moved to Exeter, UK where I got my accreditation as a counsellor. My professional body is the National Counselling Society.

In March 2019 I have finished my Advanced Training in Counselling Supervision and am now offering also supervision to counsellors and therapists.

At the moment (May 2019) I am doing a Postgraduate Diploma in Transpersonal Therapy which complements beautifully my constellation work.

Every 3 months I travel to Malta to continue my family constellation workshops on the “Rock”.