My partner is exactly the right one – workshop

 This is what participants said after the “My partner is exactly the right one” workshop:

(For reasons of privacy only the intials of the testimonials are mentioned)

“That workshop blew my mind. I’m looking at everything differently!!! I noticed since I made my ‘commitment’ to love myself and keep up a dialogue with my Inner Child, I’ve noticed several behavioural changes in myself which I am very pleased with. So thank you, thank you, thank you again!”

(“NS” – Workshop “My partner is exactly the right one” / April 1./2.2017)


“I really enjoyed the discussions that we had and once again I realized that after all we all share very similar concerns. As you can imagine I’m still thinking and processing all that happened during the weekend. Lots of information to absorb that will need some time to sink in. However I can already tell you that now I have more insight on certain processes and issues that I never had addressed before. I am really glad to have met you and for the guidance that you have provided me with so far!

The constellations were all very meaningful and mine in particular reinforced what I need to work on and allow to happen in order to feel better. I am certainly taking this period as an opportunity to explore, learn and grow. The meditation with which we finished was very powerful and I was astonished about the insights!”


(“IS” – Workshop “My partner is exactly the right one” / April 1./2.2017)


“I am always surprised by how similar we all are in our different situations. It was good to have the male’s perspective on relationships as well as often male and female do not seem to comprehend each other and yet we yearn for the same things – just possibly in different ways. For me it is difficult to work in a group – but you get so much in return.”

(“AF” – Workshop “My partner is exactly the right one” / April 1./2.2017)