PAST – Workshop “Finally in peace with my parents”

• Are you still doing what your parents want or wanted you to do?

• Are you doing or trying to do exactly the opposite of what your parents want or wanted you to do?

• Did you break off contact with your parents?

• Are you still waiting today for your parents to change or actively trying to make your parents change?


If you answered with “yes” to only one of these questions you are still bound to your parents more than you might be aware of.

And the nature of this unconscious bond and connection might be the reason for many of the issues you encounter in your everyday life.

In this workshop you understand what keeps you entangled with your parents (or one of them) in a way that you are not really able to lead a life of your own, with independent choices, decisions and actions.

This workshop is about stepping out of your child position, acknowledging what was/is and letting go of whatever there might be to hinder you from leading a consciously self-determined life.


The number of participants is limited to 8 people to guarantee the maximum benefit to all attendees.

You are invited to embark with us on an adventure of self-awareness and healing through

– interactive communication exercises

– inspirational drawing

– guided meditation

– movement

– constellation work



Dates:  Saturday 06.05.2017 – Sunday 07.05.2017 (2 days workshop!)

Time: 10:00 am – 6:00/ 7:00 pm

Place: Triq Il-Falkun, Il-Kappara, San Gwann

Workshop fee: 120,00 EUR (deposit required)

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For further information please use the contact form or call me 9983 3780

Looking forward to seeing you there,