One-to-One Sessions

A one-to-one session offers you the possibility to increase your awareness about coherences, causes and sources that have an impact on your personal life and your relationships.

It is a loving and effective way to understand not only on a brain level, but mostly on a heart level, the bigger picture of many issues we go through during our lives. Deep understanding and healing go hand in hand and this is why this work is so effective.

As a Family Constellation Workshop, a one-to-one session is a spiritual/ energetic work and is not a replacement for professional help from a licensed therapist or medical professional.

Private Sessions click on the picture to view the video


If you don’t feel comfortable with working in a group, if you need someone to listen and to support you, contact me for a one-to-one session.

Private sessions can be held in German, English and Italian.

For prices please contact me directly.