Family Constellation Days Schedule

Unfortunately – due to the current situation and my move to Bulgaria in summer

the next Family Constellation Workshops in Malta will not be held before 16., 17.,18. October 2020

There is, however, the possibility to do your constellation online or to participate as a representative in an online constellation workshop.

I know that this is something you might have never considered – but I can assure you that it works and that it goes as deep as in a physical group.

So before you totally scrap this idea, please have at least a look at how other participants perceived this new experience

and read about it in the following link:

Constellation Workshops online



If you are interested in doing your own constellation

or in being a representative

please get in touch with me.

Looking forward to meeting you,



COST for Online Constellations

Own constellation – 90,- EUR (including preparation and after-care)

Representatives (until summer) – no fees, donations are welcome

In the spirit of love and reconciliation