Past – The reconciliation of the inner split (30.09.-02.10.2016)

The focus of this workshop is “The reconciliation of the inner split” which enables us to come into harmony again with life and the world around us and thus to mobilise our energies for our personal development.

This is a workshop for everybody who feels that now it is the right time to really get to know yourself and to reconnect with your “True Self” or “Inner Child”.

I am so happy to announce this special workshop which I will hold together with my former teacher from Germany, Konrad Pinegger. It will surely be a great experience for all participants with exercises in self-awareness, group work, individual work, role plays, special constellations, meditation, etc..


Book your place - 2.+3.12.2017


We humans are spiritual beings having a physical experience, not physical beings having a spiritual experience. But we cannot retain our original essence in this world. We learn to adapt to this world, we learn to identify with something, we learn to condition ourselves and we develop an “Ego”.

This “Ego” now tries to control our original essence and an inner struggle begins. The manner and the intensity of this inner struggle determine our entire life, which is nothing more than a reflection of how we deal internally with ourselves.

If we treat ourselves in a loving way, this love also shows up in our “outer” life. If we suppress ourselves and split internally, this can result, among other things, in disease, psychological problems, social and relationship difficulties or blockages of professional success.

The reconciliation with “our-selves” is the meaning and the purpose of our lives. Only when the two previously struggling parts can work together again it is possible to live a self-determined, adult and authentic “self” instead of just “roles”.

Please join us for this workshop, where together we experience, in theory and practice, our own inner struggle and where you can observe how dealing with yourself in a loving way changes the situation in the “outer” life as well.

Of course, after the workshop the experience of inner reconciliation in everyday life will alternate again with old patterns. However, now you will hold a key in your hands how to restore again and again this reconciliation between yourself and your inner child.




September 30th – October 2nd

Kappara, Malta



Friday, Sept 30th:              

18:30 – 21:00

Saturday, Oct 1st:             

09:00 – 13:30

13:30 – 14:30 Lunch Break

14:30 – 18:30

Sunday, Oct 2nd:             

09:00 – 13:30

13:30 – 14:30 Lunch Break

14:30 – 16:00


€ 150

A non refundable deposit of EUR 80 is to pay to secure booking

If you would like to participate but have financial issues, please do not hesitate to contact me directly


Book your place - 2.+3.12.2017


ABOUT Konrad Pinegger:

Konrad is working since nearly 30 years as a counsellor and therapist for parents, children and young people, in a counselling centre as well as in his private practice.

He has developed his own therapeutic approach, “The reconciliation of the inner split”, dealing with the key aspect of our human existence.

Konrad facilitates many workshops and seminars supporting people in the search of themselves and a more fulfilled life. He also does training courses for “Systemic & Spiritual Solutions”, “Systemic counsellors” and “Psycho-Mediumistic Counsellors”. Besides this he is author of articles and books (at the moment only in German language). He is also student of the Energy Master Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim (World Social Buddhism).

Qualifications: Neo-Reichian Bodywork & Gestalt Therapy (Gestalt Institute of Housten in Europe), Systemic Family Therapy (Münchner Familienkolleg), Systemic Phenomenological Therapy (Bert Hellinger Institut, Berlin), Mediumship & Healer Training (Dr. Rosina Sonnenschmidt & Harald Knauss), Family Constellation Work (Bert Hellinger), Transaction Analysis, NLP and much more.