What makes it special to participate as a representative in a Family Constellation

What makes it special to participate as a representative in a Family Constellation?

I chose three aspects that make it a special experience and I would like to introduce them sharing with you what people who acted as representatives wrote after their first Family Constellation experience in the April/May workshops


Follow your intuition

“For me it was an interesting learning-and-working experience, and I got to know more about my own emotions, how it is possible to trust one’s gut feelings and also about the need to be vigilant so as not to let the mind interfere with my intuitive impulses.” (H.T.)

So, being representative in a Family Constellation is a unique exercise to train your intuition and to learn to trust your gut feelings. It will immediately come to your attention when your mind starts interfering with your intuition. It is an exercise to let go and to surrender to something bigger than us.

When the healing begins

 “….. although I was a representative (it was not my constellation) even I felt more human afterwards, more myself after participating. I was very moved, personally, to see the real release of human feelings pent up over time, and to witness what seemed to me like a genuine beginning of true healing.” (B.G.)

Family Constellation representatives have a nearly peerless opportunity to witness the very start of a deep healing process that embraces not only a single person but can reach out through a whole family system.

Feeling more human and more ourselves is a natural consequence when we become aware of belonging to a Oneness where there is no judgment, no right or wrong, no good or bad. In a Family Constellation the participants meet on such a level of Oneness where all that counts is to face and acknowledge what is, to let go what is no longer required and to allow our souls to guide us to whatever is needed.


Everything has two sides

The roles I was chosen for today were very significant to me … very much.” (J.S.)

Although as a representative you do not work on your own issue it is most likely that the person(s) or aspect(s) you are chosen to represent have a deeper significance for yourself. One single “role” can change old patterns of belief, opinions, ideas and convictions and most people start seeing life from a different angle after a Family Constellation.

Love letters in the sand

I personally started years ago with my own constellation, but I joined many Family Constellations as a representative – even later on when I myself had become a Family Constellation facilitator.

Being a representative is a special chance to experience the balance of give and take in our lives.

We commit ourselves to spend a couple of hours in service of the “seekers” and in return we receive whatever we are open to receive without expectations: trust, awareness, ability of letting go, feeling more human or whole, answers to unexpressed questions, healing and whatever else we need at that very moment in our life.

Looking forward to welcoming you in one of the Family Constellation Days in Malta or Gozo and wishing you all the best