“Past” – 30.07.2016 Family Constellation Day “Healing from within”

Saturday, 30th July,  08:30 am till approx. 5:30 pm

Place: Nosso Lar Community Centre, Zebugg

 (Details will be sent after booking)

For this Family Constellation Day we meet again in the beautiful energy of Nosso Lar Centre.

There are so many people interested in working on themselves with this loving and far-reaching method that again this workshop is already fully booked for own constellations (waiting list open).

I am so grateful that more and more souls understand the deep meaning of this work. Ben gently allowed me to post his testimonial after the last workshop in Gozo – you can read it here:  http://family-constellations-malta.com/bm/

So you still you can be part of this common healing experience as a “Representative” or a “Spectator” depending on spaces left. If you feel it is right, just book your space.


The fees for the workshop are as follows:
Own constellation: 65 EUR (Deposit required: 50 EUR)
Being present as a representative or spectator : 15 EUR

Reservation has to be made through the following link: http://family-constellations-malta.com/booking-form-30-7-2016-zebugg/

For any other information please call me 9983 3780 or write me a private message

Looking forward to seeing you on July 30th in Zebugg ❤


Throughout our life’s journey we create relationship patterns that influence our behaviour and our experience – often without the possibility of a conscious participation from our side. In a family constellation these inner patterns are unveiled.
The constellation images reveal hidden connections, entanglements and fixations. However, they also indicate where we can find our resources and our potential guiding us to change and solution.
Most of all the constellations are about finding a solution or a new, a different path. Therefore the central question is: “What is supposed to change?” Depending on the issue we consider the family of origin, current partnerships or internal systems (e.g. an inner conflict).
At the end of the constellation we are in a state of solution.