What is special about a constellation?

The family constellation approach allows a deep soul-level healing to take place

by leading us past societal ideas of morality and the human disposition to judge and blame

to a bigger picture and deeper understanding

of why events happen in the context of love and loyalty to the family.



There are some important advantages in comparison with common counselling or coaching

  • Before starting your constellation there is a short preparatory talk with your facilitator in which you do not have to go deep into the possibly hurtful story of your issue

  • Though working in a group circle you do not have to tell your story or details about it to other participants which most probably you have never seen before

  • Other persons involved in the issue do not have to be present

  • We can learn to unlearn our idea of “right” and “wrong” and interpretation, our idea of a determined procedure of dissolving a problem

  • During the constellation we leave all that behind what normally blocks our development – like judgement, victim consciousness, feelings of guilt and blame

  • As you choose a representative also for yourself – at least in a first step you do not have to go through the process personally. However, at the end of a constellation, when a solution or healing situation is found, you can choose if you want to take your place and feel and sense yourself the benefit of the different energies

  • You are the spectator of your own story or that of your family members and this perspective can give you a totally new awareness and understanding – all that without having spoken a word. This short time frame may change completely your point of view regarding what has happened in the past and enable you to finally accept, let go and be free to make the first step into a new attitude towards life

  • Openly looking at your family of origin provides you with the opportunity to see the good and the bad, to uncover secrets and truths as well as to investigate the lost and unexplained – without judgement of right or wrong

  • Figuring out the strong interconnections within our family systems we can acknowledge the multi-faceted truths of our Family Soul and also learn to gain strength from a more meaningful conscious connection to our family ancestral lineage

  • A Family Constellation helps us to simply “acknowledge what is” which permits us to move on in life healthier, stronger and more at peace

  • It is an alternative method to traditional counselling, although it can be used in combination with traditional counselling and be part of a therapy