What you should consider

When you are interested in participating in a family constellation, please consider the following points


  • First of all again – a family constellation is not a therapy. If you need a therapy you should search for a good therapist in your area.

  • Second, a family constellation is not a magic thing that changes your life from one moment to the other (though sometimes it really has amazing effects).

  • The decision of whether to participate in a family constellation or not should be independent of somebody else’s opinion – might that be a positive or a negative one.

  • Usually you can feel if it is the right time and place and especially the right facilitator. Constellation work is a matter of trust – so check out thoroughly and listen to your inner voice.

  • Never do a family constellation out of fun or simple curiosity. You always should have a sincere concern when you want to do your own constellation.

  • If you are not sure about it you can always participate as a representative or merely watching as a spectator. In the last case talk about it with the facilitator – no one will force you to make yourself available as representative. And if you participate in a family constellation workshop you can always change your mind when you feel more comfortable.

  • You should be healthy and relaxed when you go to a constellation. So if you caught the flu, feel sick or are weakened for some other reason, cancel the booking and come another time.

  • Important! Do not participate in a constellation when you are undergoing psychotherapy without talking about it with your therapist or psychologist. A constellation might well support the therapeutic process, but in this case should be done only in agreement with your doctor or psychotherapist.

  • Important! People with mental illness and psychiatric disorders (e.g. schizophrenia, deep depression, borderline) or who have suffered severe traumas should not participate in a constellation – even not as a representative. There is only one exception – when the facilitator is also a clinical therapist and you clarified this point. If you are not sure, please talk about it with your facilitator or with your therapist.

  • Important! You should not participate in a constellation if you have consumed alcohol, drugs or heavy medication that cloud your awareness or alter you mind.