Working in groups

The classical Family Constellation is done as a group process. I tried to explain the important things about it in the menu “Constellations”.

You can participate in a constellation workshop in 3 different ways: offering your support as a representative, attending as a spectator or having your own constellation.

If you would like to participate as a representative it is not necessary for you to have any background knowledge. The only thing that you have to do is to be open for what will happen. A constellation is not a play or a drama, there are no actors. Representatives are people who simply make themselves available for the benefit of a healing process. After the constellation you will simply step out of your role.

If you would like to participate but still have concerns you can participate simply as a spectator. No one will force you to make yourself available as representative until you decide to do so.

If you decide to participate doing your own constellation, you can book a place up to one week before the term. I always advise to clarify the following questions prior to the constellation:

  • Are there early deceased children/ stillbirths / soldiers killed in action / accident victims or suicides/murders that happened to siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles?

  • Did a woman of the family die in childbed or was she seriously harmed at the birth of a child?

  • Was or is someone physically or mentally handicapped?

  • Are there illegitimate children?

  • Was a child given to foster parents or relatives?

  • Are there adoptions?

  • Are there former spouses, fiancés and/or children from these relationships (regarding myself, my parents or grandparents)?

  • Was a member of the family victim of a crime or another unjustice?

  • Was someone expelled from his home country?

  • Are there or have there been tragic fates in a different form?

  • Are there recurrences of diseases, events, isssues?


The day of the constellation there will be a short introduction where I share again some important principles especially for those who are not familiar with the constellation work.

We will have a short conversation in private of max. ½ hour before your own constellation while the others have time to talk or refresh. This guarantees your privacy and makes sure that the representatives will not get to know details about your family history that could influence them during the constellation. During the conversation we will set up the intention that you connect with your constellation, then join the group again and start with the constellation – which can last between 30 minutes up to more than one hour.

Since a Family Constellation is always the beginning of a process, one follow-up counselling session is always included in the constellation fees. In this way you can be sure that you are not “left” alone with your feelings and thoughts. Surely you are free to decide to not make use of this follow-up session.

If you are happy with the way I am working and need further counselling you can always book a private counselling session.

The prices for the constallations are on request. You will also find them on the announcements of the respective constellation workshops.