Past – Special Workshop “Woman-Partner-Mother”

We may live in the 21st century with all its progress and liberties – and yet maybe it was never as difficult as it is today for many women to find inner peace and balance in their lives.

In earlier days tradition shaped our roles. The modern days brought us more rights and freedom but also more insecurities and inner struggle.

The constellation work unveils a possible inner strife caused by the challenge to unify within us what I see as the three main roles that we (may) hold.

We are women and as such human beings with talents, dreams and visions. We want to express ourselves and live a meaningful and happy life.

We are (or one day perhaps want to become) partners or wives and as such we connect our lives with someone else in hope of a happy common life.

We are (or one day want to become or maybe also do not want to become or are not able to become) mothers and as such creators of a new life. And with this come new hopes and dreams but also fears and insecurities.

This workshop is only for women and especially for those of us who find it challenging to unite the different roles of being woman and being or not being partner/wife and mother.

We might be able to be great mothers but miss something in our lives as a woman. We might live a happy relationship, but find it challenging to deal with our children. We might be able to fulfill our needs but still live in an unhappy relationship. We might have a great job but being afraid of our biological clock ticking. And so on and so on…..

Some women think that being a good mother means that we have to forget about ourselves and be there only for our children. Some women fight so much for their freedom and self-expression that they don’t realize that they are losing their relationships. Some women are so focused on their partners that they “wake up” at a certain point in their lives and realize that something is missing. And there are so much more different combinations.

In this workshop we will consider the question of whether it is possible at all to really live fully all these three roles. We will work to become aware of our own expectations around these roles, of the stories we are telling ourselves about them.

And in the end – hopefully – we will go home with a lighter backpack and see things from a different perspective.

Book your participation here Book your place - 07./08.04.2018


The number of participants is limited to guarantee the maximum benefit to all attendees.


You are invited to embark with us on an adventure of self-awareness and healing through

– interactive communication exercises

– inspirational drawing

– guided meditation

– movement

– constellation work



Dates:  Saturday 7.4. and Sunday 8.4.2018 (2 days workshop!!)

Time: 10:00 am – 6:00/ 7:00 pm

Place: Triq Il-Falkun, Il-Kappara, San Gwann

Workshop fee: 120,00 EUR (deposit required)

 Book your participation here Book your place - 07./08.04.2018

For further information please use the contact form or call me 9983 3780

Looking forward to seeing you there,